Anderson County Cemeteries

**Note: If there is any additional information for any of these cemeteries that you would like to add please e-mail me, so that I can update this information. If you have any names that you want to add to the cemetery list. You can send me the names to my e-mail. **

Cemetery Name Also Known As Address Location
Acker Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.45960
Longitude: -82.58080
Anderson Cemetery Anderson
Anderson First Baptist Church Cemetery First Baptist Church Cemetery 307 S Manning st.
GPS Latitude: 34.50308
Longitude: -82.64649
Anderson First Presbyterian Church Cemetery First Presbyterian Church Cemetery 302 W. Whitner St
GPS Latitude: 34.50428
Longitude: -82.65420
Anderson Memorial Gardens GPS Latitude:34.50440
Longitude: -82.70750
Andersonville Baptist Church Cemetery Andersonville Cemetery 6902 Dobbins Bridge Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.48390
Longitude: -82.80420
Armstrong Cemetery
Armstrong Family Cemetery Paige Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.42532
Longitude: 82.44383
Asaville Baptist Church Cemetery 201 Asaville Church Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.34915
Longitude: -82.55558
Asbury Clark United Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.53920
Longitude: -82.78040
Barkers Creek Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude 34.43599
Longitude: -82.44512
Honea Path
Barkley Family Cemetery Cheddar Rd
GPS Latitude; 34.58568
longitude -82.53307
Beaverdam Baptist Church Cemetery GPS latitude 34.63377
longitude: -82.54187
Belton Cemetery GPS Latitude 34.52030
Longitude: -82.50080
Bethany Baptist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude 34.42970
Longitude: -82.50810
Bethany Methodist Episcopal Church Cemetery Webb Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.68191
Longitude: -82.66686
Bethel Church of God of the Abrahamic Faith GPS Latitude: 34.67000
Longitude: -82.51560
Bethesda Methodist Cemetery McThursday Baptist Church Cemetery or Hodges Cemetery GPS Latitude 34.40000
Longitude: -82.72690
Bethesda Methodist Church Cemetery GPS Latitude 34.77784
Longitude: -82.48933
Bethlehem Lutheran Church Cemetery Milford Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.50607
Longitude: -82.88967
Bethlehem United Methodist Church Cemetery 6001 Abbeville Highway
GPS Latitude: 34.42661
Longitude: -82.60036
Beulah Cemetery Beulah United Methodist Church Cemetery 6224 Highway 81
GPS Latitude: 34.68390
Longitude: -82.56220
Big Creek Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.60640
Longitude: -82.45690
Bishop Branch Baptist Church Cemetery Corinth #2 Baptist Church Cemetery 1109 Central Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.67736
Longitude: -82.71339
Boulevard Baptist Church Columbarium Boulevard Baptist Columbarium 700 Boulevard
GPS Latitude 34.51557
Longitude: -82.64497
Brown Family Cemetery Camillia Drive
GPS Latitude 34.52435
Longitude: -82.68621
Buchanan Family Cemetery Latimer Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.40291
Longitude: -82.77577
Burke Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.48596
Longitude: -82.59766
Burris-Eskew Cemetery Salem Baptist Church Cemetery 1325 Salem Church Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.54756
Longitude: -82.69548
Burton Family Cemetery Honea Path
Byrum Burial Ground Laboon Family Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.49920
Longitude: -82.67360
Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery 8008 Liberty Highway
GPS Latitude: 34.70329
Longitude: -82.67535
Carpenter's House Church Cemetery McNeely-Cooper Cemetery and Powdersville Pentecostal 1st Church Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.79273
Longitude: -82.46554
Carswell Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.34690
Longitude: -82.60000
Casey Family Cemetery Spearman Family Cemetery 217 Turpin Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.8542
Longitude: -82.69117
Cedar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery 704 Trail Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.46469
Longitude: -82.47089
Cedar Grove Methodist Church Cemetery Cedar Grove Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.54743
Longitude: -82.84807
Cedar Grove Baptist Church Cemetery Cedar Grove Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.57920
Longitude: -82.49690
Clardy Family Cemetery Rodgers Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.67840
Longitude: -82.51232
Clinkscales Family Cemetery Broadmouth Church Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.47668
Longitude: -82.35251
Cobb-Robinson Family Cemetery Elizabeth Street Extension
Community Wesleyan Church Cemetery Fellowship Wesleyan Church Cemetery 1906 Elberton Highway
GPS 34.29457
Concord Baptist Church Cemetery 1012 Concord Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.54492
Longitude: -82.65063
Concord Presbyterian, Old Moorehead Cemetery GPS Latitude: 34.54525
Longitude: -82.65189
Corinth Baptist Church #1 Cemetery 511 Church Rd
GPS Latitude: 34.76242
Longitude: -82.59222

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